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Exhibition invitation
Exhibition invitation

On Thursday, 25th November, Song Song proudly invites you to the opening of Paradise Pleasure Productions, an exhibition of art works by Belgian Fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck. From van Beirendonck:
Walter Van Beirendonck @ SONG
Is it an allusion to 'play ghosts under the bed-sheets' when I was a child? Is it an early reminiscence of seeing a dick through a glory hole? Probably, but not only that gave me the idea to realize this installation... The installation is a loud cry for freedom. Freedom, we have to fight for more than ever before. It is a big 'fuck you' to all the religions, media, governments and people who are trying to influence or change the perception of the world. Censorship and limitation of expression has to be stopped. I 'used' and referred to different impressions of cultures and religions, to create an uncanny image, which should raise questions. The 3 figures are covered by big, hand-embroidered flags, with bright colours and patterns, which refer to my fashion-collections. The stories told on the flags refer to different subjects.
* "Take a W-Ride / War on Hate" - title of the latest winter collection 2011
inspired by Afghan-war carpets.
* "Ride the Bear" - a fairy-tale about me and the bears
* WONDE® summer collection 2010
* "Flags" - a patchwork of flags refers to the name of the collections and subjects
I reacted on during my career.
To underline this uncanny feeling and to create a gender-tension, I let the figures wear double-heeled men's shoes from the eXplicit summer collection 2009. The three latex dildo's through the holes do refer to the fact that in certain religions men have to make love, while wearing a nightgown with a strategic placed hole... because God wants it that way. My intention with this installation is exactly the same intention I have working on my fashion-collections: to tell a story in a way that raises a smile, but at the same time communicates deeper criticisms.
-Walter Van Beirendonck
Walter van Beirendonck lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium, and is one of the most renowned fashion designers from that country. More information can be found at The opening reception for Paradise Pleasure Productions will be Thursday, 25th November, from 19 - 21h. The artist will be present. The exhibition will run from 26th November, 2010 – 15th January, 2011.